Foreword by Lesley Brill

11" x 13 3/4", with over 100 black-and-white photographs from the Water Series printed in quadtone

Published by Insight Editions
Hardcover, $75.00 ($97.00 CAN)
ISBN-13: 978-1-933784-17-5

Aquatique has been awarded two national book awards:

GOLD MEDAL Book of the Year Award (Photography) from ForeWord Magazine

SILVER MEDAL from Independent Publisher Book Awards (Photography)

Aquatique is also available in a Limited Edition of 350 signed hardcover copies presented in an elegant clamshell box along with a signed and numbered hand-made archival fiber-based 11" x 14" silver print. Numbers 1-175 include a print of Water Series 18; numbers 176-350 include a print of Water Series 46 (as illustrated above).

ISBN-13: 978-1-933784-43-4

Praise for Aquatique:


Julie Taymor:

"Brian's Water Series was a tremendous inspiration in the conception of my film of THE TEMPEST. His surreal play with nature and the human form is not only visually exquisite but quite mysterious and moving. Amazingly, it is shot without any digital or visual effects enhancement, and thus it has a true visceral feel while the play of lighting on the figures and the elements is magical."

–Ms. Taymor, highly regarded for her creative productions such as THE LION KING on Broadway, and the movies TITUS, FRIDA and ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, asked

Brian to collaborate with her on scenes for her feature film, Shakespeare's "THE TEMPEST".

Godfrey Reggio:

"My first viewing of Brian Oglesbee's photography, the Water Series, was as engaging as it was challenging. Was I being tricked by some clever post-magic or did he achieve, in camera, a focus that is present but seldom seen? While the constructed digital image lives in the former, it was clear to me, without an understanding of how, that I was seeing a rare syntax of the lensed eye - an encounter with magic in a pure photographic form. Closer viewing revealed a large world of small details suspended in a layered and altered plane of focus. I was impressed. Brian's photography is about what we see, a focused meditation on a world that is hidden in plain sight. His modus operandi is to capture a complexity

that only photographic simplicity can reveal."

–Godfrey Reggio, acclaimed director of art films (with composer Philip Glass): KOYAANISQATSI, POWAQQATSI, NAQOYQATSI, ANIMA MUNDI, EVIDENCE, “holy see”.

Jay Maisel:
"I was at an art show in NYC when I saw one of Brian Oglesbee's prints. At the same time I spotted a noted gallery owner I know and I said, 'Did you see that print?' The answer was, 'Yeah,' but without a great deal of enthusiasm. I said, "I know you looked at it, but did you SEE it?"
'Yes, of course I did'
'No you didn't,' I said.
'What the hell are you talking about? I said I saw it!'
'No. You looked at it but you didn't SEE it!" and with that I grabbed their wrist and dragged them up close, where the multiplicity of images within images were visible. The response was: OH -- MY -- GOD . . . NOW I see it!'
Look closely at Brian's work. It brings great rewards (even if it's only black & white.)"

–Jay Maisel, "one of the most acclaimed and respected figures in international photography." He has published over 15 books of photographs.


Howard Schatz:
"No one makes photographs like these. Brian Oglesbee, in his brilliantly creative use of water, has produced true art, magical and beautiful. The images are nothing short of amazing!"
–Howard Schatz, world-renowned photographer and author of more than 15 books of photographs.

Ralph Gibson:
"Brian Oglesbee creates his images from the inside out. These photographs are purely the product of photography and function as such without the slightest doubt as to their integrity. Only photography could produce these images and only Oglesbee could produce these photographs. He is a photographer in the clearest sense of the word."
–Ralph Gibson, acclaimed fine art photographer and book artist.


Russell Hart:
"The technique on display in Brian Oglesbee's watery work is mesmerizing, but when you get beyond the wonder of how the pictures were made you find a rich mysticism that is all too rare in today's dryly observational art photography. Rather than copy nature, Oglesbee's images seem to mimic it by offering a level of detail that gets more and more complex the closer you look. Unlike the one-note photographs that pervade our world, they invite that kind of scrutiny."
–Russell Hart, Executive Editor, American Photo magazine.


Nathan Lyons
"Amazing and Inventive, the more you look at his images the more you will see."
–Nathan Lyons, Photographer, book-artist, Director Emeritus, Visual Studies Workshop

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